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Your Sandbox (part 2)

By April 22, 2018Uncategorized
Your Sandbox (Part II)

You know very well when you’ve given away your power. You are fully aware that you just did.  And it makes you feel like Ka-Ka. But…you’d do it again in an instant at the first whiff of losing a patient. What’s that about? Subservience? Neediness? Desperation?

Warm hellos to everyone!
Lets continue what we started last week……

I’ve had an amazing response to last week’s THOT – “THIS IS YOUR SANDBOX.”
It seems that I’ve struck a chord – everyone has given their power away at some point in their practice.  Yes, we all screw up. It is what makes us human. Ok…Once or twice is normal, but repeatedly…?

Here’s the essence of it:
Your power emanates from your inner core, your very essence. It is you. It is who you are.
And that is why you feel like shit when you compromise that which is such a sacred and intimate part of you!

Think about this: The only time you voluntarily give up your power is when you are at a point of weakness. And that mostly occurs when you see your practicethrough the glasses of desperation:
– few new patients are calling,
– people are leaving,
– no one seems to have any money,
– no one has any money for you,
– no one wants what you do,
– no one is bringing their children to see you,
– few are following your recommendations,
– everyone wants to make deals and wants a freebie from you,
– no one is paying.
– practice is a hassle; you’d rather be basket-weaving.
Did I miss something?

Suddenly, all your aspirations, dreams and goals crash on the rocks of despair.
That is when your motivation changes from helping people, healing, having PTC and really serving, to one of survival – you have bills to pay, the car loan is due, the mortgage is also due as are the taxes, the insurance, and all the other entanglements that make us mature adults.
Now, it becomes a battle to stay alive. “Screw the practice, I want to get as much as I can to make it”  becomes your motto.

I want you to think about this for a moment: WHAT CAME FIRST?
Did you ever think that there is a reason you’re not seeing many new patients?
And NO, it is NOT your town or community! It is NOT because you have “bad” patients!
What about your low number of patient visits? There is a really good reason for that also!
And what about the low percentage of kids you see? I can tell you that this represents a huge issue of TRUST in your office. In other words, your patients do not trust what you do! OUCH!
How about the no-money excuse? Have you ever stood on the main corner of town and watched all the incredible cars pass by you? The Bentleys, the Ferraris, the Lambos, the Benzes?
Have you ever tried to get into a restaurant at 6:00 pm? It is packed! And everyone is paying! But not you.

You see, money is plentiful. There is lots of it. But not for you. That is the reality. It is only readily available for the exceptional doctor. And that, simply, may NOT be YOU!
Here is a blatant truth and reason. And this may hurt:


That is why you are where you are! And that will never change unless you decide to do something differently (And I am not referring to some brainless marketing scheme; some “Lunch with the Doc,” some desperate “Dinner Workshop”, some “Patient Greed Day” – I mean, “Patient Appreciation Day”)
I am referring to something entirely different.
I am referring to you becoming exceptional. Being brilliant! Being the very best doctor anyone in your community has ever seen!
THAT’S the kind of doctor every wants to see!
Did you get that? WANTS to see!
And that has absolutely nothing to do with marketing!

What will it take to have you move?
What will it take to get you off your behind, and make the decision to be different?
To become the best?
To excel.
To become the best your community has ever seen.
To step up to the plate?
To serve?
To stop putting up with mediocrity?
To stop giving up your power?
What will it take?
What will it take to get you totally pissed off with being where you are?
Please let me know.
You see, THAT is what the PEP Program is about! THAT very thing!
Please feel very welcome to call me! And we’ll get to work! And it will be tireless.
My warmest wishes,
Dr. Kristina: Chiropractic Coach

I wanted to remind you that my next Program start date is March 16-18 in Salt Lake City.  If you want to start 2018 from a position of power and certainty, instead of the customary whimper, then this is for you.  

I will teach you how to excel in all areas of your practice.  I will teach you to practice with great honesty, clarity, honor, clinical excellence, competence, and help a few million parents and their children in the process.

It’s all about making you incredible. Becoming the best. Amazing. Talked about. And simply sought-after by everyone. That’s what I do!
Complete the 
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