My mission is to help as many people in my lifetime as I can – especially children. Now I add the mission of helping YOU help as many people in your lifetime as you can- especially children.

When I started my practice I knew I wanted to see a ton of kiddos, pregnant mommas and babies. My practice type was definitely not typical; this was well before seeing kids was cool. I’ve grown the practice to be one of the biggest and best in my state and region, our waiting list for new patients is often weeks long…and I did all this with very little marketing.


It is a beacon practice so other doctors see that specializing in family wellness care CAN be successful, as well as fun, honest and principled.  I am thrilled to share my experiences, my mistakes, my successes to help you get to your level of success faster and with less headaches! We are going to do this together…you are not alone.

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How did I achieve this goal? By hiring a coach and mentor!  I started with Practice Evolution Program and implemented the systems and tools to be successful! I have been with Practice Evolution for 16 years and am thrilled to continue the legacy of this program.

I know how to communicate chiropractic in such a way that people really “get it.” Realize that seeing kids and newborns really demonstrates how much trust your community has in you…you can’t chase this population because it is cool and fun.

YOU have to be amazing, YOU have to deliver the goods and communicate the why so clearly that your patients and their families flock to your office.

You have to build your practice from the Inside-Out.  And this process can be so much fun as you dial in your purpose and increase your certainty.

By learning to be the best doctor, the best clinician and the best educator your practice will thrive. That is why so many PEP doctors double their practice in the first six months after Module I – with no marketing! Go figure! The Practice Evolution Program is that good, and that different!

The Practice Evolution Program is not about hype and having a “high” for a few days. No! It is about creating an environment in your office where your community simply sees you as absolutely amazing – as the very best Chiropractor. Period. My mission is to “re-create” you as the very best doctor your community has ever seen. Ever. Not the best at marketing, not the best at being a salesman, not the best at BS, not the best at glitz, and not the best at selling snake oil. No. The very best at being a doctor. What a concept! And once you are, we then let your community know that you are. Then the fun really begins! Plan on being incredibly busy at helping tons of children and their parents!

While others are teaching and chasing the marketing game and selling you on the idea of building a better mouse-trap, I teach you with time-tested values of honesty, integrity, honor, clinical excellence, and simply being the best – can’t beat those!

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Ok…while all this info is important in establishing my credibility so that you develop a sense of trust, the best thing you can do is visit the section where you will learn how my Chiropractic Coaching has helped other doctors, just like you. So…visit the “What Doctors Are Saying” section and have a great read.

After reading their experiences, you’ll probably want to join with me – and I would be thrilled and honored to be your coach!