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Your Magic

By April 22, 2018Uncategorized
Your Magic

Warm hellos to everyone!
I have to share something with you – and I’ve noticed that at most seminars, doctors look for that magic bullet, that amazing gizmo, that better mousetrap, that fitting phrase, that magical procedure, or that single powerful word that will somehow transform mere mortal Earthlings into model life-time chiropractic patients who refer everyone they meet, have you check their whole family, don’t miss their appointments, pay you on time, and sing your praises!

And at the risk of bursting your bubble, I have to tell you that there is no such thing! There is no magical wizardry, no magic powder, no amazing phrases, and no voodoo that will create your dream practice.
Ok….now you’re disappointed.

There is magic however, and it comes from you!
It comes from your heart.
It bubbles up from that inner well that all of you have inside but rarely display.
It comes from caring.
It comes from loving.
It comes from a warmth that you carry with you.
It’s written all over your face.
It’s in the crevasses and dimples of your smile.
It’s in the crinkles of your eyes.
It’s in your touch when you hold hands with an elderly patient.
It’s dripping from your fingers as you gently palpate a baby.
It’s in your thumbs as they gently wipe a tear from a mother’s eyes.
It’s in your palms as you hold the face of a patient in your hands.
It’s in your touch every time you gently caress a spine.
And it’s in your laughter and antics as you have fun with your patients day-to-day.

It’s not hidden in your orthotics, it does not live under your rehab machine, or inside your traction unit.
You see, there is no magic lotion or potion.
It’s you.

Your patients love the person you are.
They love your commitment, your dedication, your excellence, your knowledge, your passion and your warmth. And here’s all you need to do: You need to be you!
There’s a concept!

You need to be that wonderful and amazing person who looks at you from the mirror each morning. That fantabulous individual who is locked inside the doctor. That fun spirit just waiting to be free – if you let it.

You see, your patients don’t refer their friends and family to you because of the way you explain their radiographs with excitement and suspense. Or make their muscles quiver when you use that pinwheel over their arms, or have their eyelashes flutter as you palpate their cervical spine.
They refer their friends and family because you are a wonderful, caring, and amazing human being. Because you are the best!
So…Think of ways of making each and every patient visit a memorable experience for them – this is not about you!
Ask your staff for their help!

Have a ball with the children who see you. Have them see you as a total nut  – and all at the risk of appearing totally “unprofessional.” Dance with the older ladies, hold hands with them. Be silly, play, have fun!

Give out “Attitude Adjustments” freely, hand out roses on Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day – and watch their face), …your imagination is your limit!

There are uncountable ways of being an amazing human being to your patients – meet them on their own playing field.…..And for those of you who are a bit challenged in the imagination dept., and are having difficulty understanding what I am referring to, I invite you to call me and I’ll be happy to steer you in the right direction.

The bottom line is this:
Go out there and have fun with your patients.
This is your life. Please start living it.…..And forget the outside magic!
Warmest wishes,
Dr. Kristina: Chiropractic Coach

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What a concept!

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