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Your Expertise

By May 8, 2018Uncategorized
Your Expertise

Warm hellos to everyone!
Have you ever wondered why my success tips are usually centered on a similar theme of always being the best? Why I always talk about you becoming simply amazing? Unequalled? Unrivaled?Here is the simple reason: Running a Chiropractic practice is not what it used to be even a few short years ago?
“What? I just graduated and opened my office, Dr. Kristina, and only a few people dribble in. Not at all what I expected.”
 is the problem.

Let me expand on this a little:
Not long ago, and most still practice this way, you’d open your office, put an announcement in the paper, online, website, Facebook, etc., and people would call you. You’d market your brains out, hold screenings, offer free chicken dinners, lunches with the doc, free coupons, Patient Appreciation days, and more people would call you. Simple.

The disappointing thing is that the majority of these people end up leaving you in 2-4 weeks.
There are a variety of excuses; no money and no time are at the top. So is not wanting what you do.

Do I have your unrivalled attention yet?

You have probably noticed that these methods are no longer very effective.
As I Coach, I’ve noticed that many, many doctors have smaller and smaller practices in spite of all the work, advertising and hoopla they are doing to “get new patients.”
     “What the hell?”
Exactly.All the “stuff” I mentioned above is NOT what people are looking for. Ok…I know you’re agreeing with me but you are still doing the same things that are no longer effective. And becoming less so every day.

Think about this for a moment: Would you see a Chiropractor like you? Better still; would you take your children to a chiropractor like you?
Not really?
I understand. And I agree. I wouldn’t either.

And that’s the problem; many people would not.
“But why, Dr. Kristina? I’m really good at what I do. I can get someone out of pain in a short time generally. I was the top of my class.”
Wonderful, but that is NOT the type of doctor people want.
What people want today is a DC who is a specialist, an EXPERT. pure and simple. A doctor who is considered the very best. Period.
A doctor who people listen to, who speaks with authority, who has credentials, who doesn’t take any shit, who doesn’t tolerate missed appointments and other such trivial nonsense. And a doctor who gets incredible results with very difficult cases everyone else has given up on.THAT kind of doctor. Unrivalled. Unequalled. Amazing.
That is probably not you in your present form.

That is why the PEP Program is so vital – especially today. I create amazing doctors. Doctors who everyone WANTS!
What I am saying is that in order for you to have an incredible practice, which is based on referrals and have a waiting list 4-8 weeks out, you need to know your “stuff.” You need to be incredible clinically. The old “ma & pa” approach is no longer a viable reality. Neither is marketing – just makes you appear and look needy and desperate.

The only approach that works and the one that your community wants is you becoming an EXPERT.
So…get out there and learn what it takes.
Or you’ll end up listening to some marketing ‘maven’ teach you “stuff” that is already passé.
Now, get going. Get out there and help a few million kids…

My warmest wishes,
Dr. Kristina: Chiropractic Coach & Mentor.

The Salt Lake City Program starts on August 10-12th and you are still hanging onto that old you.  Yes, that image your community no longer is wanting.
Time to up your game.
The Practice Evolution Program is different.
I don’t teach marketing or desperation.
The Program is very clinical and designed to make you a doctor who is wanted by everyone in your community.
No more being needy for you! No more struggling, no trying to sell Chiropractic, no marketing your brains out, no fear tactics, and no BS!
Instead, you will learn what it takes to be the most sought-after doctor in your town.

You will learn how to practice with great honesty, transparency, clinical competence, power, confidence, certainty, and be regarded by your community as being the very best doctor they have ever seen.
And… will learn how to run an ultra-successful Wellness practice full of children and families – my specialty!
Please check out our

website and complete our Practice Health Mini Check Up.
We’ll have a great chat on the phone and I’ll help you remove the subluxations in your practice.