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What is a subluxation?

By December 20, 2016December 22nd, 2016Uncategorized

Do I have your attention now?  How do you describe a subluxation easily?  How do you make it logical?  How do you make it tangible?

Let’s work through a couple exercises to help get your brain going…

Relate a subluxation to an engine….think about it…can you do this?

How about a starting point….your body is very much like a fine tuned engine…as long as there is nothing wrong with the engine it works like it is designed to, and the car drives smoothly and dependently….but if there is a problem with the function of the engine then you have car problems and you can’t ignore those problems right, you know they will just get worse over time, so you take your car to a specialist.  Just like your body and your health….as long as there isn’t a problem or disturbance in its function……


OK…that should have helped….let’s do that again.

How do you relate a subluxation to a toy phone?  Can you talk about communication in a relatable way?


What about this?


Or this:


As you work through these examples it should become very clear that communication is all about taking something abstract and relating it to something familiar.  That is how you make something logical and tangible.  If you want people to understand what you do and why, you have to make it easy to understand and relate to.