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Upping Your Game Plan

By May 8, 2018Uncategorized
Upping Your Game Plan

Ok…….no more being NICE!
No more hiding behind some thin veil of professionalism!
No more swallowing our pride. Enough!
Look…We seem to be lowering our standards! We are stooping and bowing down.
We are acting like second-class citizens; like we don’t matter in the health care regime.

Warm hellos to everyone!
Think about it:
Why would people see you?  Because you have a DC after your name? You’re kidding, right?

We hide behind the title “Dr” but we often don’t act like it! We often act like spoiled children.  We are often brimming with jealousy, anger, pity, and especially; desperation and neediness. We are involved with expensive and often idiotic marketing ploys thinking that these will get us tons of new
patients. And we don’t give a second thought to how our communities see our often tasteless actions.

We simply don’t get the concept that it is NOT our continual and unrelenting hunt for new patients that builds our practice.
Rather, it is looking after and exceeding the expectations of our regular patients by miles that does it. And we don’t seem to understand how our patients and our communities view our marginal and often distasteful and garish marketing efforts.

Consider this: People think that the reason you need to market so much is because patients leave you. And why do they do that? Well, perhaps they feel you are just average. Marginal. Just Ok. Fair.
Not a good conclusion for your community to have about you.
Would you take your children to such a doctor?

Let’s look at this closer:
1.   What has a Wellness approach have to do with some chicken “Dinner Workshop” many doctors consider important? Is it about a feeding frenzy or is it about being needy and desperate?
And have you ever considered the type of people that show up at these events? Definitely not the clientele you want in your office. Your upscale population would not be caught dead at one of these – they also have a reputation to protect, even if you forgot all about yours.
And how does it make you feel to float between the dining tables and beg for someone to see you? Pleeeze. And what amazes me is that there are seminars that teach how to do this.

2.   We have website templates that scream “PAIN, PAIN, PAIN” and “STRESS, STRESS, STRESS” when all the public wants is a Wellness approach to their family and children. The “Pain and Stress” game is years out of date.
Our messages are not aligned with today and the wants of the public!

3.   And we talk about “pinched nerves” and “misalignments” and “putting things back in.” These are such a relic! And so outdated – they go against everything we now know. It sets us back into the Dark Ages.
We are not in synch with where Chiropractic is going and we are definitely not congruent with the wants of the population. In other words,


Listen…..we have been given an incredible gift. We hold a sacred trust. And we are flagrantly abusing it and treating it as though it was our right. And I have to tell you that it is NOT a right! It is a privilege to be a chiropractor and to serve!
Yea, that’s right!
We serve.
There is no higher purpose!
There is no higher purpose than saving a life.
The problem is that we frequently serve ourselves first. It becomes all about ME, ME, ME!
And what does that have to do with your purpose?

We need to re-evaluate our mission and our vision. They are not the same thing. And often times our mission becomes one where doctors try to get the most money out of their practices.  And not that there is anything wrong with that, but service comes first! And all else follows!
That is why you were chosen to be a DC!
That is the pecking order!

You need to carefully look at yourself and your approach to patient care.
Consider this;
How do you measure the heartfelt gratitude of a patient whose cancer is no more because of what you did with your hands? How to you gauge the tears of a mom who is so grateful for you helping her child with Asthma? How do you evaluate the joy of a dad who now has no more Crohn’s Disease because of you?  How to you measure the sincere thanks of a young couple who is now able to start a family after being infertile for years in spite of all the wonder drugs?  How do you do that?
And how does your paltry fee stand up to that standard?

Look…….People in your community have an expectation – they want to see the most amazing doctor in town.
Is that you?
And would THEY say that about you?
And if not, why not?
What do you do that does NOT meet that standard?
And why do you do it?

We desperately want to be accepted by the community as a healer and a leader in Wellness.
But that comes at a price!
It is the result of you upping your game.
I suggest that we all consider raising the bar and our standards to the point where we exceed patient expectations by miles.
And if we all do this together, the public will flock to our offices in droves.
And that will fulfill your mission!
Something to work toward…..
My warmest wishes,
Dr. Kristina: Chiropractic Coach


The Salt Lake City Program starting August 10-12, is just around the corner.
This is a perfect opportunity for you to UP your game:
To be amazing. To be incredible.
To be sought-after by everyone, to be respected, and to be loved by all.

If you would like to be seen as the very best in your community, and have people clamor after you, then please feel very welcome to contact me.
It all starts on August 10th!

Fill out my Practice Health Mini Check Up and I’ll take it from there, let’s do this and let’s change the health of your community!