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This Is Your Sandbox!

By July 20, 2021Uncategorized

Warm hellos to everyone!
I feel I need to bite into this issue once again!
It may seem like a strange topic, but it amazes me how many of us give away that which is an incredibly precious and integral part of our Being: That which rises up from our very Innate, our very essence, our Core, our very Soul – our POWER.
And I have to add that we do it without even realizing it!  It is most often an insidious erosion that eventually saps our energy, our strength, and most importantly, our purpose and Spirit.

You need to remember that your Power comes from your stance on life.
Your stand on things.
Your immovable conviction.
Your unwavering attitude.
Your resolute belief.
Your certainty.
Your personal philosophy.
And no one has the right to take that away from you or invalidate you. No one!
Your power is what makes you the amazing individual that you are. That incredible doctor everyone wants to see and be in the light and presence of. YOU!

The problem lies in that many of us simply give it away willingly and we don’t even know we’re doing it. How?  Let me illustrate:
“Doctor, I know you want me in here 3x/wk, but I can only come twice.”

All of us have been faced with such a statement. If you acquiesce, you have just given away your power.
Think about it:  When you allow a patient to see you only 2x/wk when you recommended 3x/wk, you have in fact capitulated. You have negotiated. You have given away your power. The result is that your word, as a doctor, is reduced drastically.
Consider the flip side of it: If 2x is good enough to do the job, then why did you suggest 3x?  Do you see the problem?

Your reactive decision suddenly makes no sense to the patient. They suddenly realize that your recommendations are based on YOUR NEED!  NOT theirs! And your desperation and your wallet.  That your recommendations have nothing to do with helping them! Is that what you want?

The patient will lose respect for you and after a few weeks will most likely decide to only see you 1x/wk, if at all. After all, you’re a push-over! They will simply discontinue their care; A few short weeks will do it.  How would that make you feel? Like shit, I’ll bet. Was it worth it? Easy answer.

The much better approach would have been to stand your ground and tell your patient,

                              “NO. I recommended 3x/wk for a reason, Bob.
If I felt 2x would do it, I would have recommended it.”

End of story.
You have drawn a line in the sand. No one has the right to step over that line without your permission. No one!
Now, this patient has to make a decision: Stay with you and follow your recommendations or be referred to some other renegade DC down the street who is desperate enough to do whatever patients dictate to him.

I’ll tell you this from my experience; 98% of patients will simply stay with you.  Why?
They trust your word and they trust YOU!  You may need to refer the other 2% to some other DC. Simply stand at the front door and wave them Goodbye!
They will soon realize you are amazing, that you do not compromise their health and your values, and they will return.  And refer others.  Problem solved and your power is intact.  The lesson is this: People do not like their doctor to compromise on their health.  No matter what they may say to you and what excuse they may use.  That is the reality.

Another example:
Someone posted something incredibly stupid/vulgar/hurtful about you on the Internet or Facebook. It happens. You are pissed! You are so upset that you cannot sleep and your whole life begins to be focused on this “thing.” This injustice.
You have just given away your Power!

Here is how:
You’ve allowed this post to get to you.
Look… have to give Facebook and the idiot who posted this message permission to allow this malicious post to bother you. If you allow it to get to you, you have just invalidated yourself – you have just given away your Power. You see, no one has the right to make you feel anything, UNLESS you allow it and give them your permission.  If there is no permission, there is no bother or upset. You simply blow it off with the wind.  And all your power is intact!

This is such an important topic and many doctors struggle with it. I’ll continue this line of thinking next week, 

My warmest wishes to everyone.
Dr. Kristina: Chiropractic Coach

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