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The Practice of Your Dreams

By April 22, 2018Uncategorized
The Practice of Your Dreams

In order for you to have the Practice of your Dreams, there are a number of things you must and must not do.

First: please don’t be needy and desperate for patients in your office.  Patients will read your neediness and/or desperation and will form a negative opinion of you really quickly – one of the fastest ways of killing your practice.
Look at it this way: Who would want to see a doctor who is desperate? Would you?

As well, please don’t upsell your patients on the next best thing in nutrition, orthotics, rub-a-dub cream that they simply “must have” for “only a little more.”
Most people see it as an annoying money grab and will lose respect for you. Your good name will be filed away together with your Wal-mart mentality.

It’s also important, No! It’s crucial, you place your patients on an appropriate schedule of care in order to eradicate and correct their neuro-Subluxation patterning.  Many doctors don’t understand that a Vertebral Subluxation is a neurological pattern. A habit.

Let me explain:
In the child, for instance, neuromuscular and adaptive reflex development represents a critical period of time when the young developing nervous system assimilates, differentiates, and adapts to external and internal stimuli. By means of these processes, the nervous system learns proprioceptive patterns and acquires future habits and reactions by responding to repetitive stimuli.
However, such a developing nervous system is not able to distinguish between proper and improper stimuli – it responds to both. This is the problem – the response is neither “good” nor “bad.”  It’s adaptive.  These adaptive responses are remembered and patterned and thus the young nervous system is conditioned for future response.

This process of neurological “learning” or “programming” of the central nervous system starts within a few short moments after birth.  This is why a subluxation is a habit. It is a learned response. And it’s learned from childhood. That is why it is absolutely imperative that you are able to explain to your patients why they need to have their children checked. It’s your highest calling!
This is an area where many DCs screw up: Many provide care for patients until the patient feels better, or until their insurance stop paying, and so on. It always amazed me how subluxations magically disappear once insurance payments stop. Incredible!

You also need to consider going CASH! The reason is that insurance isn’t really well-suited for a true corrective and Wellness practice.  Ok…your sphincters are fibrillating. I can see the quiver already. I will talk more on this another time. Please feel welcome to call me for additional info.

As well, it’s important you don’t make deals with your patients. If someone needs to see you 3x/week, don’t settle for 2x/wk or 1x/wk just because that’s what a patient wants.  Remember this is your sandbox and your rules govern. Always. You are the doctor; YOU DECIDE!  If you compromise, they will lose all respect for you and leave anyway. And you know I’m right because you’ve done that in the past and it has never worked out.  Look…This is your area of expertise.
More on that next week…

Module 1 starts in Salt Lake City March 16-18th, you only have a few weeks to commit to you, your patients and your future Perfect Practice.  Fill out the practicehealth mini check up and let’s talk!

My warmest wishes,
Dr. Kristina: Chiropractic Coach