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Setting Goals 101

By April 22, 2018Uncategorized

Setting Goals 101

Let’s get into an issue that I talked about in the past and one that represent a huge amount of confusion – Setting Goals.
It’s an issue most doctors hold close to their hearts as an exalted truth – Goals are necessary.  Almost every motivational speaker I’ve ever heard talks about the power of goal setting.  And we’ve all been taught to list all those things we desire; New patients, regular visits, new office, new staff (careful here), new spouse (double careful here), the Porsche, the Ferrari, Paris, London, the 2 carat rock, the closet full of shoes, etc. The list is endless.

The problem is that many doctors list these and then having done it, sit and expect all these wonderful things to suddenly and magically appear. Why? Well….that is what they are told.
See? It is easy. Just write these down and they come to be. Simple & easy! There is no personal investment. No harm is done. It’s just a piece of paper with some stuff scribbled on it! No big deal!

What is forgotten is that the setting of goals comprises roughly one millionth percent of what it takes to have them be realized.
“What? Nobody told me THAT!”

And doctors are very disappointed when these goals do not materialize.
“How can that be? I wrote them all down like I was told!”
Ah, yes…But no one managed to speak of the other 999,999th percent of what it takes to have
these goals become reality. And THAT is the real secret.

Here it is:
In order for you to have your goal materialize for you, you must put forth some effort – W.O.R.K!
What an incredible concept!  The more effort, the bigger the reward. One cannot circumvent the system. Look…There is no free lunch except in condo or timeshare real estate.  In other words, you must work to reach your goal.   “Oh, my…..”

And your work must be all encompassing. It must exude from every pore of your being.  It must bubble up from your very soul. You must be able to taste it, to smell it, to grasp it.  It must be tangible and real! You must be passionate and driven. And it must be unrelenting.  Unwavering!
Nothing stops you. You do not understand the word “NO!” It has no meaning for you.  That’s for all the pussies and wimps. It is not for you. You have a clear path. You have a . clear vision. You know exactly what steps to take to obtain your goal. Nothing sidelines you.  Nothing!
And the bigger the goal, the bigger the work – makes perfect sense.
You revel in it!
Bring it on!
Rocky has nothing on you!

At the same time, however, you must treat your work as a Hobby.
Chiropractic is a hobby for you.
And you love it. You are hobby-party animal. You can hobby all night. And of course, when you are doing a hobby, there is no stress. NONE! It’s a hobby! You laugh at stress! You eat it for breakfast! It has no effect on you! You’re having another helping!

You see, it is your attitude that determines how you perceive life and how your patients and community perceive YOU!  And THAT is what you need to cultivate in order to realize your goals!  You must step into a bigger pair of shoes regularly!  Now, get out there and serve a few million people!

Go get ‘em!
My warmest wishes,
Dr. Kristina: Chiropractic Coach

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