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By July 23, 2018Uncategorized
Warm hellos to everyone!
It’s time to repeat this message:

In chatting with thousands of doctors from all over the globe, an idea struck me like  a bolt of lightening, I had an epiphany!

I had a realization that an incredible number of doctors have forgotten what they are inpractice for-why they do what they do.
And it is simple: your reason has been obscured by daily strife, bills, payments, insurance hassles, few new patients, can’t get the practice going, family and spousal troubles, CA “difficulties”, personal wants and others.  All of these have sidelined you and have taken you Off Purpose and often!

We often seem to forget that our purpose is to SERVE.
Yes that’s right, we Serve!
That is why you signed up!  That is why you had a burning desire to be a DC!
To Serve.
To Help.
To help them regain what they’ve lost.
That is also why you were chosen by the profession – and I firmly believe the universe chose each and every one of us!  This is not some cool career you’ve stumbled onto by accident!

Think about it: why would you actually pick Chiropractic as your life’s work?  So you can crack backs all day?  So you can fight for new patients?  So you can enjoy the insurance hassles on a daily basis?  So you can revel in the fact that people have no idea what you do?  So that you can wallow in frustration when people leave your office when they don’t “get” it?  So you can feel like a second-class citizen next to the MD private club?
Is that it?

Listen…You signed up because you want to make a difference!  You want to help people instead of poisoning them.  You want them to not give away any of their God-given parts!
You want to show them that Chiropractic is incredible- that the MD wannabe club is not even in the same league.
You want to serve!  You want to help.  It is in you.  It is in your heart.
It is a passion!
It is your mission!
That’s why!

OK…some of that has been overshadowed by your daily litany of BS – I totally get that many DCs have it.
Look…Alice Walker, author of The Color Purple, once said, “The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any!”
Think about it: You are powerful beyond measure!  All the medics in your town should tremble as you walk down the street.
You are Power!
You are on a mission!
You are unstoppable.
So get out there and serve!
And have a ball doing it – it is your life’s work! Revel in every moment!

Dr. Joe Stucky from Eau Claire, WI gave great advice: “Look after the needs of your patients, and your needs will always be taken care of.”
Your inner want is service.
It’s in you!
Please remember what you are here to do.
And simply do it!  And love it!
And I have to tell you that when you fall in love with what you do, your love affair with Chiropractic will start all over again.  And it will transform you!
Now, get out there and help a few million people.  They are waiting for a doctor just like you!
Get going!
My warmest wishes,
Kristina: Chiropractic Coach

I would also like to suggest that if you have lost your way a little, or are not where you want to be, or are having difficulty “getting there,” and want a different and non-sales and non-marketing approach to your practice, a practice that people actually WANT to see, then visit my website and click on the Practice Health Mini Check Up – it is a practice diagnostic.  Complete all the fields from your heart, then click on the send button at the end – it is totally confidential and for my eyes only.  We’ll have a great chat on the phone and I’ll give you some cool practice suggestions and advice that makes sense, are not based on marketing your brains out, and that you can implement right away.
We’ll simply correct the subluxations in your practice!
It is completely free and there are no strings attached.

The Salt Lake City Program starting soon.  If you’ve always wanted to be an incredible doctor – the best in your community, and be sought-after – forget the marketing hype, the sales pitches, the fear tactics, the coercion, the fake tears you’ve been told to cry, and the BS, and join me for the ride of your life!
Don’t let your stubbornness and pride prevent you from learning how to help tons of kids and their parents in your community!

Please call me and let’s go!