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Scare Care

By April 20, 2021Uncategorized
Scare Care
This week I want to dive into Scare Care and what it can do to your practice, and I won’t beat around the bush.  Scare Care is about motivation with fear.  Scare Care comes from a place of scarcity and lack and fear and intimidation.  Not quite how I recommend you start a long-term relationship with your patients.  Fear Care causes intimidation and creates a power struggle with your patients…couldn’t you accomplish the goal of improved health and function through motivation and inspiration instead?

What I recommend is a straightforward approach with your patients and your recommendations.  First, you need to ask the right questions in the consultation to know the patient’s clinical history and health goals and why they are seeking you out.  The examination is for you to find out how their body is functioning or not, how serious that malfunction is and it creates an opportunity to communicate that malfunction to the patient…remember everyone who is healthy should pass all your exam tests, that’s why you should be fully assessing their nervous system.

Let’s start here…this next week I challenge you to focus on your patients and their health in the consultation.  Talk normal health and function and how the nervous system controls everything…when a patient explains how their body isn’t functioning correctly make sure you tell them that.  Point out that normal is optimal function! Anything less than that is not OK!

In the exam I challenge you to communicate how their nervous system and body should be operating if everything is working optimally and explain WHY it matters that their nervous system isn’t working like it should.  Use this time to connect further with your patient and show the importance of proper and ideal function.

No Scare Care…no coercion, no manipulation….that has no place in our practices. Simply explain health and function and then point out when that is not occurring and why that matters. Lead with passion and excitement and inspire your patients on where their health can be and why that is so good for them.

Next week I’ll dive into the report of findings and how to do that with integrity, honesty and tact while inspiring your patients to embrace health and optimal function.

Is your brain reeling?  Is this exactly what you’ve been looking for?  Do you want to know the systems to develop the practice of your dreams?  Do you want to practice with more certainty, passion and conviction?  Do you want to love your practice again?  Then let’s talk…plan on it taking time, effort, and work…I choose to only work with doctors who want to be the best and are willing to put in the time and effort to achieve that.  Fill out my Practice Health Mini Check Up and I’ll take it from there, let’s do this and let’s change the health of your community!

Chiropractic Coach