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Report of Findings that Inspire

By April 20, 2021Uncategorized
Report of Findings…

Last week we discussed Scare Care, something I am completely opposed to, instead I want to focus this week on the Report of Findings: tell the truth and then allow the patient to decide how to proceed.

People need to know their current health status, they deserve to know the truth, even if it is ugly, even if they want to think everything is OK.  Your job is to tell them the truth, to tell them how their current health is, what that means for function and what that will cause in the future, they also need to know how serious their health issues are and what can be done to change the path they are on.

Please don’t sugar coat their issues, don’t downplay their current health or make light of their struggles, or say they simply have to live with it.  Instead offer support, understanding and a plan to change the trajectory of their health.  Offer them a plan that will focus on Correcting the Underlying Subluxation that is Causing their health issues, don’t offer to treat their symptoms or condition…you don’t do that…your job is to find the cause of their health issues and remove the interferences in the nervous system.

A quality Report of Findings will leave the patient with HOPE and be inspired to make changes and to commit to themselves and their health.  They are not committing to you…they are committing to themselves and their future and their family.

Key components of the ROF should be:
Tell them what is wrong…give a report of all the findings from the exam, scans and x-rays and additional testing you performed.  Now don’t just list off what you found, explain WHY it matters for them, their life and health.

Tell them how you can help, share with them how chiropractic focuses on function and healing.

Tell them what it will take to fix their health issues….not simply feel better, but to function at their best.  Know that all processes require time and that a fully functioning nervous system is KEY to health and healing. Give them a realistic expectation on how long this will take…don’t be afraid to tell them that this could take years…the research is there…if you need help with this part reach out to me.

Tell them what the care will cost…you have to be OK with this…there has to be a value exchange.  Keep this simple and straightforward and have confidence in what you recommend.  Don’t play let’s make a deal…you are the doctor, state your fee and move on.

If this causes you angst and a visceral reaction then it’s time we talk!  This is a vital component of a successful practice and wellness practice.  Your patients need to get well and then you will create a wellness practice!  This visit reinforces that they made the right choice in coming to your office…inspire them, commit them to health improvement and leave them with hope!

If you’re ready to change your practice and your life we need to talk.  We just started the final quarter of this year, don’t let it finish hoping to improve…hoping to become the doctor you always dreamed of…take action, make it happen!

Fill out my Practice Health Mini Check Up and I’ll take it from there, let’s do this and let’s change the health of your community!

Chiropractic Coach