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Pediatric Practice Isn’t Cool!

By July 5, 2017Uncategorized
Pediatric Practice Isn’t Cool!

A pediatric practice isn’t cool, it isn’t hip, it isn’t the easy way to practice. A pediatric patient isn’t a little spine! A pregnant mom isn’t two spines who require just a “little modification”.  Are you starting to get my drift?

A pediatric practice takes work! A pediatric practice requires skill and expertise and commitment and passion. Saying that you took the pediatric class in chiropractic college and that is enough is NOT true, I know, I taught that class! There isn’t enough time in college to scratch the surface for this special population.

Do you like a loud office with lots of kids running around? Are you ok with the smell of poop and spit up? Do you enjoy working with “needy” moms. Moms who need to be reminded that they are powerful and capable of normal, natural birth, that their bodies can and will grow the perfect sized baby and deliver them at the perfect time through an efficient, effective, empowering labor and birth. Moms who need to be told that their baby may not be perfect and that colic, reflux, a flat head and preferring one breast is not normal, and will affect their child’s neurological development and can be corrected and that you are the best one to help them and their family.  Are you capable of teaching that fever is normal and healthy, that healthy children do get sick, but are not sickly, and that childhood illnesses actually prime and mature a child’s developing immune system?

Are you really up for the challenge? Are you capable of this? Does this get you excited or scare you? Are you learning that there is so much more to a cool pediatric practice than simply seeing a baby?  Are you ready to learn more, to really put in the time to develop a skill set that will change lives and effect generations?

If so, let’s talk how:

I have partnered with Steve Hoffman, D.C, the inventor of the MC2 Technic and Dan Bronstein, D.C. to teach Tonal Pediatrics. This course is an in-depth, in-person workshop focused on applying a tonal model to the pediatric and pregnant patient.

Another option is Prime, the online, self-paced, video-based course that I co-founded that is focused on Building Extraordinary Family Chiropractors. To learn more and to apply fill out my Practice Health Mini Check Up.

And of course one option is to dive in, dive deep and hire the best coach to get the one on one training necessary to implement your ideal pediatric practice. If you’re ready to change everything and say enough is enough and become the best doctor then let’s talk, that’s what I love to do…and I’m pretty good at it! To start, simply fill out my Practice Health Mini Check Up and let’s talk.

I’ll see you soon!