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Old Ways Won’t Open New Doors

By October 26, 2017Uncategorized
Old Ways Won’t Open New Doors

Last week we talked about Report of Findings that Inspire rather than scare and coerce.  When you inspire and lead you create your practice from a place of abundance, love and support, this is what leads to a family wellness practice and to patients who are committed to their health and potential and will continue to utilize your office for something they want!

In order to complete this transformation in your practice you have to change ONE critical piece…but only one.  You have to change your thinking, your assumptions, your headspace, your values!

You have to abandon the traditions that are holding you back, you have to let go of the assumptions you have made and instead allow new opportunities to present, new thoughts to gain hold and focus on everything that you know is right.  Focus on doing better, being better, learning more and committing to excellence.

Find the right mentor or coach to guide you, it may not be me…and that’s OK!  You should find a coach who inspires you in the type of practice you want, who can share their experiences and expertise.  Find someone who inspires you, someone who makes you want to be better and will hold you to that new level of excellence and accountability.

If you want to talk with me and see how this program is different and if you are the right fit then let’s connect.  Fill out the Practice Health Mini Check Up and I’ll take it from there, let’s do this and let’s change the health of your community!  Your final opportunity to start this year is November…so get moving on this!

I will be teaching Tonal Pediatrics in conjunction with MC2 on December 2/3 in Dallas, Texas 

There are additional seminars in Buffalo, NY and Omaha, NE