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Let’s Talk Sales!

By July 5, 2017Uncategorized
Let’s Talk Sales!

Really!  You’re in the business of getting people well…right?  But you’re also in business, which means you have to be profitable to keep your doors open and your family fed and your team paid and supported. So you need sales to accomplish this, right. Let me ask this another way, do you ever like to be sold to? How do you feel when a sales person talked you into something you really didn’t want or need…but you bought it because they were such a good salesperson?

So, do you really sell anything in your office? I hope NOT! I don’t sell health and wellness, or a life free of interference, or improved neurological function, or anything. My job is to tell you what is happening with your health and your function. My job is to show you how your body is and is not functioning normally. My job is to communicate what I do with ease and confidence and clarity so it is logical for your family to take control and care of their health.

NO gimmicks, NO closing, NO pressure, NO tricks.  Isn’t that why we are here….to tell the truth….to share our passion and purpose for health and life and function. And, I promise you that your patients will appreciate your honesty, understand your purpose and not ask you to compromise your fees, your schedule recommendations or your procedures.

So Doctors, get out of your head!  Get out of your bank account!
Here are 4 rules of success:
Tell the truth
Share the story of chiropractic
Charge a fee you would pay and let innate run the show!
Simple yet profound….kind of like chiropractic!

If I can be of help to you and your practice please reach out! I am here to serve you and help you have the practice of your dreams, without compromise!
My next Module 1 starts in May.  If you’re ready to become the best doctor you can be and see more families, more kids, more pregnant moms and become THE leader in your community, you need to act!
Fill out my Practice Health Mini Check Up and I’ll take it from there, let’s do this and let’s change the health of your community!