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Just Breathe

By January 1, 2020Uncategorized

Years ago I went white water rafting in Maine. While we were putting on our safety gear and getting prepped to raft we were told some very important advice if we fell into the rapids.  
Heads Up, Toes Up, Relax and Breathe!

I think that advice is still sound for us as chiropractors.  

Let’s talk about the climate of our profession, there are so many different types of chiropractors claiming to be the best. There are so many techniques and procedures to “master the new patient.” Maybe the new patient doesn’t need to be mastered, maybe they need to be listened to, understood, and inspired and shown how their body is capable of healing and repair.  

Maybe the best thing we can all do is Just Breathe! Enjoy being a chiropractor, enjoy seeing lives changed, acknowledge how often you witness and are part of miracles, enjoy sharing the truth about health and life and connecting everyday with your innate and invigorating the innate within our patients.  

Maybe we all need a little more love, compassion, support, gratitude and acceptance. Be grateful for who you are, where you are, who you see and what you do. Be thankful for the journey you have been on, for the lessons learned and the pioneers who have gone before us. 

I’m not saying you can’t do better, do more, be more…we all can. But for today I want you to Just Breathe! Enjoy, reconnect, reset and then come back to yourself and your life more centered, more connected with your why and your purpose. If you are on-purpose and on path then celebrate the journey and commit to continuing that excellence.  If you come back and find you have lost your way: reconnect, recommit and enlist the help and support of a mentor to get you there faster and show you the potholes to avoid.  

Enjoy the journey, stop the chaos, even for a moment, Breathe and take stock of your path…and then consciously, purposefully move in the direction you want.   

If you want a mentor and coach to support and push you to be the best doctor possible, a leader in your community, with certainty and confidence in doing this right.. then we should talk, fill out my Practice Health Mini Check Up and I’ll take it from there, let’s connect, let’s talk and let’s see your potential and then get you there!