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Having Patients Refer

By April 22, 2018Uncategorized

Having Patients Refer

Warm hellos to everyone!

I have a feeling you’re a little excited after reading this title and hoping for some magic.  Yes!  I can see the excitement and tremble from here!

Ok….Let’s get into it:
Most doctors are stymied and perplexed by this issue: Having your
patients refer others. That is why I decided to cover this topic.

It seems so easy to us, BUT, for patients, it can be difficult and downright scary! And the biggest reason is that they do not understand Chiropractic well enough.
They also don’t understand what you do sufficiently enough to be able to sound fairly intelligent talking about you to others. The result is that they feel a little thick, silly and uncomfortable. Ergo; they avoid talking to those around them and in their sphere.
And as far-fetched as it may seem to you, for most, trying to speak rationally to another human being about Chiropractic can be very stressful.  So they don’t. No one wants to appear stupid or feel they are making a fool of themselves.
This creates an obvious problem; they’re not speaking to people about you and what you do.

How does one handle this?
You’ll be surprised how easy it actually is:

First of all you’ll need to realize that your patients WANT to refer their friends, co-workers and others to you.
They trust you, are proud of you and feel you are an excellent and amazing doctor – all good stuff! And….it’s just human nature!
If they don’t feel that way about you, you do not need to read any further – there are issues in your office that need to be addressed FIRST! 

Ok… we go:
There is no simple answer to this issue. Rather, it is based on a series of actions that must take place during a patient’s regime of care in your office:

  1. Your consultation must be brilliant. I know, I know, you do this already. Maybe not. The problem is that this is NOT about you. It is all about THEM.   The result is that it is just not important how YOU feel about your consult.  No.  It’s important how THEY feel about it!  Is there a fire in their eyes? A want? A desire?
    I tell my doctors that the decision to see you for life takes place during the consultation. And if you’ve made a strong connection with your patient, they will be in awe at how amazing Chiropractic AND you, are!
    But…be careful about ramming Chiropractic down their throat.  They are NOT ready for it. Your consult should be all about the patient in front of you. Nothing else. It should never be a sales pitch.
  2. Your examination must also be incredible – better than anything  your patient has ever experienced before. And it must make complete sense to your patient! It must be incredibly logical.  And…it must demonstrate how their body is NOT working.
  3. Your Report of Findings must also be amazing, but don’t place too much emphasis on it.  It is just a summary. IT IS NOT SOME SALES PITCH to have a patient sign up with you!  It is your consultation that determines whether your patient will stay with you under care.  Your ROF does not. I know this a departure from what most coaching seminars teach.  Most teach almost begging and pleading techniques to have a patient stay with you.  I never bought that concept. If you are really good at what you do, people will WANT to see you. And that’s the whole idea!
  4. Your Regular Office Visit must be meaningful to your patient – on each and every visit. Don’t fill it with idle talk. Talk TIC ONLY! And make sure it pertains to them and their problem. Don’t talk about the wonderful weekend you’ve had. Who cares?Demonstrate how their internal functions are controlled by their Nervous System.
  5. Make sure you do your evening patient workshop where you demonstrate and explain to your patients what you do and how all of this wondrous stuff works.
  6. Make certain your patients see your expertise in Wellness care. This is where the profession is heading.They also need to see your expertise with children and your mastery of the clinical aspects of Chiropractic. In other words; KNOW YOUR STUFF!
  7. During their Progress Exam, ask your patient to explain to you how Chiropractic may help someone with Asthma (or Colitis, or Crohn’s Disease, or Infertility), for example.  If they stumble, please help them explain it until they feel comfortable doing so. Be patient, you are creating your referral army!
  8. Become a Chiropractor again: Functional Medicine is NOT Chiropractic and it is NOT Wellness. Neither is nutrition.  Fall in love with CHIROPRACTIC! And you can always use the above two in your practice as adjuncts.
  9. Have fun with your patients. Remember that this “practice thing” is supposed to be FUN!  Have a vision and develop your Mission Statement that should be on the wall in your office in large letters. This is what you stand for and this is what drives you.

There are many more points I could raise but that should give you a few to consider for the time being.  Remember, all patients want to see a doctor who is the very best. And if you want to continue to grow and serve more people, you need to become THAT kind of doctor.  Otherwise, your patients will simply go down the street to see one who is the best.  Simply being “Ok, fine, average, pretty good,” does not even come close.  And when patients really understand what you do, THAT is when they are ready to refer.

Please feel very welcome to contact me if something is unclear.
My warmest wishes to everyone,

Dr. Kristina: Chiropractic Coach

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