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Dive In Deep

By July 5, 2017Uncategorized
Dive in Deep

I sure started something these last couple weeks talking about honoring the adjustment and the sanctity of the adjustment.  I hope they resonated with you as you grow your family practice.

A lot of you have reached out to ask how you can learn more, how you can become the ‘go to’ pediatric and family chiropractor in your community.

To be honest a lot of you are looking for the magic bullet that I have found, or have asked for me to share what makes me lucky in my practice.  Let me answer that desire or hope. It takes WORK! It takes COMMITMENT, it takes PASSION, it takes DRIVE and DESIRE.  How are those words resonating with you? I am not lucky, I have worked so hard that it seems I am lucky.  I get up with a purpose, I stay focused, I LOVE what I do and I share that passion with my patients.

Your success doesn’t happen by chance or because you were in the right place at the right time.  Success is predictable, success is the result of hard work, success is the byproduct of putting the right systems into play in the right sequence. Success is all about hiring the right mentor or coach to show you the correct path. A great coach will find out what you want, how you define success and will help you get there. A great coach inspires you, a great coach knows you and cheers for your success. A great coach has been there, done that, and is still doing it.

I am proud to announce that Practice Evolution now has two programs:

PRIME is for soon to be graduates or doctors already in the field who are working on their profitability, procedures and success. This program is only for doctors who are teachable, willing to work and principled. This program is a self-paced, intensive online training to grow your why and your skill set to see more kids, pregnancy and families. This program is the foundational training we all need to be successful.

Our traditional program has been upgraded and improved to mentor and coach doctors in the field to go from profitability to success and to become ‘the sought-after’ family chiropractor. We focus on the principles of building a massive, referral-based family practice. This program builds on the Prime program and will teach you the systems and tools to build your clinical expertise, and communication skills so you become the best doctor and leader in your community.

But these programs are not for the faint of heart, these programs are hard and require dedication, work and commitment.  When you want to learn more about these programs and see if you’re the right doctor for our program then reach out by filling out my Practice Health Mini Check Up and I’ll take it from there, let’s do this and let’s change your practice, your success and the health of your community!

Dr. Kristina