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Define Your Ideal Practice Continued…

By July 23, 2018Uncategorized
Define your Ideal Practice Continued

Last week we talked about your ideal patient.  Let’s continue to dive deep and develop your ideal practice.  Remember your practice has to first serve you so that you can serve many, if you give too much away then you lose who you are, and that’s not ok.  It’s about taking care of your patients, often you have to get out of your own way to do that.  So let’s start knocking off some of those barriers to your success.  Let’s talk schedule and location.

If you had the ideal schedule what would it be?

What days are you in the office each week?

What hours are you seeing patients?

How many vacation days a month/year do you want to take?

Have you scheduled daily and weekly “you time” for personal, physical and spiritual development?

Now that you have answered these questions you must realize that it doesn’t matter if you are in practice already or not, you can have this schedule.  You don’t have to wait, you have to decide, you have to act and you have to be committed to excellence and living the life you want now.  My best advice to you is to create an amazing life now, you will find more joy, passion and purpose by living your ideal life and you will be more prepared to serve your patients from a place of love, gratitude and abundance.

If you could live anywhere, where would you live?

What would you be close to?

Are you in a small town or a larger city?

What part of the town/city are you located?

When you picture your office where is it?
Office setting
Gym setting
Strip mall
Yoga studio
Stand alone building
Many people ask me where they should open a practice, how do I know where you love to live?  You need to have a practice where you want to live, where you want to create deep roots and relationships and memories and experiences. Having an ideal practice in the wrong place will not bring you long term joy or success.

Now picture your office in detail:

What does the front reception space look like?

How do patients move through your office?

Do you have an area or space for kids to play?

Do you have rooms to accommodate young families or nursing moms?

Where are you adjusting: open space or closed rooms?

How many are you adjusting at one time?

How does the flow work to ensure efficiency for patient care?

If you want to see a lot of kids, is your office decorated for kids?

If you want to see a lot of babies/toddlers, is your office childproof?

So I finished by asking about kids…let’s talk about that for a little while.  If you want to see a lot of kids then you better make sure you are prepared to see kids.  Your office better be prepared, it needs to be a safe place, it needs to speak to kids but especially to their moms…the mom radar comes out every time a mom goes to a new place, she must be comfortable and know her kids will be safe and honored.  You have to be prepared clinically to see kids.  And I’m not talking some cookie cutter protocol to get a kid on a table and fake your way through it.  I’m talking being so clinically amazing and competent that moms trust you implicitly.  I’m talking about being so amazing that moms can’t help but rave about you to their circle of friends.  If this is what you want, then let’s get to work.  Fill out my Practice Health Mini Check Up and I’ll take it from there, let’s do this and let’s change the health of your community!

Module 1 is August 10-12 in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Now is the time to commit to a better you, a better practice and a better life.  Your patients deserve to see the very best doctor possible, one who is clinically excellent, compassionate and passionate about what they do.  One who is accurate and precise in their approach to health.  One who tells the truth about health, no matter what…are you ready.

Kristina: Chiropractic Coach