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By April 22, 2018Uncategorized

Warm hellos to everyone!
Dealing with patients is very often like dealing with children. They sometimes become stubborn, closed, afraid, self-serving, and irrational.
Does that sound like anyone you know? Maybe even you?
Please don’t think I am saying you need to “train” your patients, or your spouse…personally I hate that expression…no one wants to be trained!
But let’s talk about creating the practice of your dreams, and the patients of your dreams…by purpose, by intent!

One of the things I learned when I first became a parent is that it takes a little expertise to teach your children; it does not happen by chance.
So here I was, a new parent, and I had no idea how to be one, (I thought I did until I had my first!)
I realized that kids don’t come with instructions! There is no manual.
So we reached out to our family and trusted friends, asked questions, and watched a lot of parents in action.
We learned to teach our kids the value of CONSEQUENCES.
And I have to tell you that it was an incredibly valuable lesson.
Our children were taught the value of choices.

For example: my youngest is now 8, sometimes he would much rather play then eat breakfast, so we decided to make it a great teaching opportunity.
So…the choice was:
1.   Eat breakfast. The consequence is – you are not hungry at school.
2.   Don’t eat breakfast. The consequence is – you are hungry.

My sweet son now learns to make the appropriate choice in life and that all choices have a consequence.  Wonderful lesson.

Using this method teaches children to make sound choices. If they make the wrong choice, they learn from the consequence of that choice. Incredibly valuable.

This can be equally applicable to your practice.
“Mary, if you look after this problem now, we can resolve it. If you do not take time to look after this problem, it will become a nightmare for you. What would you like to do?” This is an example of a typical situation and a consequence.

The same can be applied to those who tell you they have “no money.” Yes, the no-money ploy. I never really bought into that. There is always money available but most often it is only available for the exceptional doctor – and that may not be you. That is why you need to be on my Program!  (I just had to say that!)
Or their money is allocated for that vacation in Hawaii, or that trip to Europe, etc.
You see, people must WANT your care. If they don’t, they see little value in it. The key is to be so incredible that people want your care. When that realization hits, all money problems suddenly disappear.

Some may need to leave your office and learn by consequence.
And they’ll be back… . “You were right, doc” they say sheepishly. “It came back like you said it would.” You respond, “I have news for you, Bob. It never left; you just felt better temporarily.”  Once that happens, that patient now has proof and has a newfound respect for you. That is not to say you did not do a brilliant job at your consult and exam, etc.
Your patient just wasn’t ready to hear what you had to teach him/her.  It happens.  Accept it, be loving and supportive and start them back on the right track for their health.

Consequences – what a wonderful way to manage your practice and create the practice you want, and save a few thousand lives in the process!
My warmest wishes
Dr. Kristina: Chiropractic Coach

The Salt Lake Program starting on March 16-18th is only a month away.
I know you’ve been wondering what it’s all about. Why do doctors do so well on my Program with no marketing? How does THAT work? How is that even possible especially in a climate where DCs are convinced they need to market their brains out in order to succeed??
I mean, you hate having to do all those unsavory marketing ploys and screenings to get some new patients who then leave you anyway.
Frustrating as hell!

There is a much better way: I teach how to become so incredibly amazing as a doctor, that people in your community WANT YOU! They want to see you.
Did you get that?
You are no longer needy.
What a wonderfully refreshing concept.
Please feel very welcome to call me for additional info!
Fill out my Practice Health Mini Check Up and I’ll take it from there, let’s do this and let’s change the health of your community!