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Being Inspired

By April 22, 2018Uncategorized
Being Inspired

What has that got to do with anything?
Being inspired has everything to do with everything – especially your practice.
It is the BE-ALL of what you are.

Let’s look at that word for a moment: INSPIRED
It’s really made up of two words; IN and SPIRIT. It means you are IN SPIRIT. It means you are connected to a higher power. A higher purpose. And it also means you are connected to others around you.

Let me show you: How many times have you ever attended some event where you don’t know anyone? You walk into the room and right away you can pick out 4-5 people out of the 100 or so attendees that you couldn’t warm up to even if you were cremated together. How do you know? You’ve never even met them. What sign did they give you that formed an instant dislike in you? What was that exactly?
Can’t say? I totally understand. The reason is that type of communication is non-verbal. It is Innate. Ever heard of it?

I bring up this topic because there are so many doctors paralyzed with fear.
What will others think of me?
How will I ever succeed?
I’m scared to do anything.

These are but a few self-doubt questions that may be running around in your head. This is common thinking. But…you need to understand this is not about you! It’s all about the people you serve and the lives you save. There is no higher purpose.  Look…there is no Fairy Godmother. There is no magic dust. There is no magic wand someone will wave over your office to make you the successful doctor you have always aspired to be. I know it’s crushing but you need to get over it. You need to pull up your big-kid pants and deal with it. No one will do it for you. It is up to you. Totally.
And as fearful as that may seem, it is relatively easy to do.

The first step is knowing your philosophy. The WHY. The reason you do what you do. The thing that drives you: You want to help tons of people, especially children. It’s in you!
That’s the reason you are a DC!
We rock!

Listen…everyone knows what Medicine does. And Dentistry. And Physios, etc. Tons of BS, surgery, drugs and little philosophy. Chiropractic is different. And it’s that difference that makes us unique and sought-after.
We are always swimming against the current.
Our uniqueness is what people look up to. We have expertise in an area NO ONE else has. No one.
But at the same time, people don’t understand what Chiropractic is really about. Years ago we sold out to the insurance industry in the quest for easy money. Now, it is biting us in our rear end.

The only way to be able to stand up proud and face the current you are immersed in every day, is by being inspired. THAT is the force which will give you the strength to be able to talk with people about what you love to do: Chiropractic. And how it will help them and their children.

Being inspired will help you overcome all resistance. It will give you wings to fly. And when you speak with people from that platform, they listen.
Because you speak the truth. And truth has that uncompromising quality that transgresses bullshit. When you hear truth, you know it is.
You are a Chiropractor. Get out there and tell people what you’re all about.

My warmest wishes,
Dr. Kristina: Chiropractic Coach

If you are serious about changing your life and having the practiceyou’ve always envisioned, please call me – I’ll help you get there!