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Being Good Enough

By April 22, 2018Uncategorized

Being Good Enough

It appears that we, as a society, have bowed down to accept “second best,” “ good enough,” “just ok,” and “fine.” It seems to be everywhere one looks. It is in the attitude of many students, doctors, retail sales, restaurants, etc. It appears that striving for excellence is either just too difficult or is becoming passé.
This new casual permissiveness has transgressed the borders of our profession.
And we’ve allowed it….

Warm hellos to everyone!
My continuous stance on “BEING THE BEST” has many doctors puzzled: Many believe that in order to be successful, a Chiropractor needs to market their brains out…..And we know that is not true. We all know the best practice to have is by referral – 100% cash, 100% referral and highest fees in town! That’s the only way to do it.

I mean, you are the very best, are you not? And your fees should reflect your expertise, your mastery and excellence shouldn’t they?
So let’s do that!

Let’s deal with the issue that has slowly and insidiously been eroding our profession:


Gives me worms whenever I think of it!
Look………there is no nice way of saying it: In many cases it takes great effort to be amazing.
To be fantastic.
To be incredible
To be the best.
To be unparalleled!
To be unrivalled!
Being “Good Enough” takes much less effort!
The problem is that being “good enough” is still “acceptable” by most because they also approach their friends and patients from that same platform.
We are breeding it!
Much of this thinking is gleaned from the fact that our society is generally becoming lazy and many feel entitled to all the benefits they can get without much effort being put forth – just look at the attitudes of many of our teens and young adults.
They will be our future – and that’s a whole other topic.

You see, being “GOOD ENOUGH” has been exalted and raised to the status of “GOOD” and is on its way to becoming the new “EXCELLENT.”
Scary thought!
This means that “good enough” is on par with, and replacing, “excellent.”
And we are allowing it to permeate Chiropractic.
Anyone see a problem here?

But, you see, it is not important how we feel.
It is important how our patients and communities feel about the service we provide.
Is this what they really want?
Good enough care?
I can summarize it in one word:

Let’s imagine a patient in for open-heart surgery:
The surgical team is in place and the surgeon who completed the procedure turns to his surgical assistant and says, “That’s good enough. Close ‘er up!”
If you were the recipient of this procedure, would you be Ok hearing, “That’s good enough?”
Would you?
Or, would you sit right up on the table and say, “Wait a minute! Hold on! I didn’t come here for ‘Good Enough.’
I came here for Excellent. Amazing! Remarkable!”

I’ll bet you’d have a few words to say to the surgeon. I’ll guarantee it.

And I have to say that this “good enough” attitude in NOT what I teach on my Practice Evolution Program.
I teach only one thing: EXCELLENCE and being the very best your patient has ever seen!
As much as this may not be in keeping with where society is going, I can tell you that those doctors who practice“Excellence” in the traditional sense, will totally outshine the new “Good Enough” generation by miles!
We blow the doors off those whopractice being “good enough.”

You see…..Being the very best doctor is what your community is looking for.
It is what they WANT! And even in a sea of compromise, when it comes to their health, people WANT excellence. They want the best.
It is a timeless value.
It will never go out of style.
“Good enough” is NOT!

Being the best will never be replaced. And I’ve said this before: When you are the best, you do not need to market.
They will find you! They will cross the ocean, fly in from out of state or province, and do whatever it takes to see you! They will bypass the other thousands of doctors who rely on marketing and being “good enough” just to see YOU!

Most of my doctors have a waiting list for new patients weeks long! And no marketing!
And if you are still marketing your brains out, you are not yet there. You have not yet arrived.
Please feel very welcome to contact me at and say; HELP!
I’ll take it from there!
My warmest wishes to everyone.
Dr. Kristina: Chiropractic Coach

I still have a handful of spots available on the Salt Lake City Program starting with Module I on March 16-18th.

Look……you’ve promised yourself a very different year this year.
Chiropractic was never meant to be a survival game.
You are wonderful doctor but you need a different set of tools in order to be able to thrive and flourish in this economic climate. And you need a coach who is not going to teach you some expensive fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants marketing ploys to sustain yourpractice: You need different thinking!

Albert Einstein once said:


You need different thinking, and different doing!
Let’s move forward instead of relying on something behind you!

Fill out my Practice Health Mini Check Up and I’ll take it from there, let’s do this and let’s change the health of your community!