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Be Impeccable with Your Word

By December 19, 2017Uncategorized
Be Impeccable with your Word!

I want to explore the book “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz, if you haven’t read this book it is a must.

In this short read Don Miguel focuses on how we can be more authentic to ourselves and our peers, and as a result live a much richer, fuller, empowered life.

The first agreement is Be Impeccable with Your Word, I want to focus on this agreement in our mindset and in our practices.  How high we regard this agreement sets the tone for our patients, our interactions, our team and our values.  This one agreement can and does change your life, and it will transform your practice and the quality of your patients.  It seems so easy, be impeccable, but when applied there are many times that we have to reinforce or course correct, and that is why we must be willing to self analyze and constantly working on improving, we need to continue to be better, to focus on improving ourselves will change the let’s start.

The first thing you have to agree to is this agreement, always speak the truth, even when it is not convenient or when you think it may make someone (your patient) uncomfortable.  That sounds easy…but let’s go through some common times in your practice and patient interactions that may challenge that, and show ways to Be Impeccable with your Words.

-The consultation has to exude love, confidence and truth…slow down and share how our bodies really work and how passionate you are about health.  Ask meaningful questions so the patient is able to analyze their own state of health

-When a patient tries to deflect a health issue that you know is not normal you need to have the strength of character to state that’s not normal…not saying anything implies that you agree with them.  You have to be willing to confront their current mindset, the one that got them sick in the first place!  Don’t miss these opportunities to speak the truth and correct misunderstanding about health and function, when you ignore you are not being honest.

-Report of Findings: this is vital for the patient’s understanding of what is going on, how that affects them, why it matters and what can be done about it.  Tell them what they NEED to be healthy, to have a fully functioning nervous system, not symptom relief, but health…nothing less will do, don’t compromise your standards in order to make it easier (it won’t, that actually makes it worse).  If you don’t know what they need, or how to figure it out or what that looks like we need to talk!  And that is where most doctors struggle, we weren’t taught this in school, so you need to invest in your training to know, to be certain of, what it takes to improve health and nervous system function.

-Regular Office Visit Communication: Be straight forward, be honest…every time, tell them what you are seeing for changes and how their body is healing and responding to care. Share how the Nervous System works.  Silence your mind…connect your innate to their innate and allow healing to flow. Be focused, be on-purpose and listen for the opportunities to take health further.  Hold your patients to the standards you agreed to, remind them of the long term, remind them how their body is capable of healing and growth and repair…this takes time and is why you need to stay focused with every encounter.  Make it a goal to correct the subluxation…not simply deal with it, find out what a balanced and healthy nervous system looks like so you start seeing that more often (this has to combine with a good care plan).  When a patient doesn’t need an adjustment celebrate!  That is health and function and the goal!

Now that you have a starting point I challenge you to take this further, start with your practice and clean it up, make sure that everything you say, and your team says is Impeccable.  Make sure that you make this a goal of your office and every patient interaction.  This may be harder than you realize, but will change everything.

If you want any help along the way that is why I am here!  I focus and work with doctors who are 100% committed to being the best doctor ever, nothing less.  If you are ready to change your practice and work on YOU so you can be the doctor you know is possible then let’s talk.  Fill out my Practice Health Mini Check Up and I’ll take it from there, let’s do this and let’s change the health of your community!