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Attracting new patients…

By December 20, 2016December 22nd, 2016Uncategorized

This is a big issue within the profession.  Every coaching group out there focuses on getting MORE new patients and attracting those elusive new patients.

So is this the best way to build your practice….really…all your focus goes into “attracting” that new patient…..BUT what about keeping the new patients you started.  Think about it…when you put all your focus on getting more new patients the first issue is you act like you don’t have enough.  When you don’t have enough you are ‘needy’ and you will do anything to ‘get a patient’.

Is that really the doctor you would want your family or your kids to see?  NO!  You want to see the best…period.  You expect them to give you their opinion, their recommendations, their advice and to NOT care about what you think…because they have confidence in who they are and what they do…that is one reason they are the best.

So how do you change your focus from needing new patients to being there to serve your patients and appreciate who you have.  Start there….appreciate who you have…what do you LOVE about your patients, what do you ENJOY about being around them, what is it that gets you EXCITED when you know they are coming in?

When you change your focus to taking care of your current patients you SERVE them at a higher level, you give them all that you can.  You provide the best care possible, you focus on each adjustment like lives are on the line…because they are! You tell them what you need to hear, not what you think they want to hear, you tell them them truth.  You stop worrying about you and you focus instead on your patients.  You do what you should have done all the time….you start being the best doctor!  And guess what naturally follows…..your patients trust you more, they appreciate you more and YOU become attractable to your patients….they can’t help but tell others about you and their experience in your office…Isn’t that a great way to focus and practice?