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Are you the Doctor, Doctor?

By July 5, 2017May 3rd, 2021Uncategorized
Are you the Doctor, Doctor?

I took a break from these success tips to teach and mentor doctors at my office in Utah at Module 1 and then I traveled to Dallas and St. Louis to teach Tonal Pediatrics (teamed with MC2).  So I’m glad to be back and writing this week’s message.

When you work with your patients who is in charge? Who determines the schedule of care, the purpose of care for procedures like smas facelift and the objectives to care, who determines the payment arrangement, schedule time, days etc? Is it you and your office, or is it the patient?

You may be thinking: of course it’s me…well, maybe it’s me…I make the suggestions and then the patient decides what is ‘best for them’….or you’re thinking: my job is to love and serve whenever the patient is ready for chiropractic care…simple, right?

Well…not so simple…and not right! I will tell you that your patients come to you for your suggestions, your recommendations, your experience, your expertise and your advice.  When you water down your advice, or play “let’s make a deal” you confuse them, you devalue what you do…you make them question why they saw you as an authority in the first place.  And then since you are no longer an authority they will see you when and how it works for them, they will tell you what to ‘check’, they will tell you how to adjust them…is this sounding familiar? Are you tired of it yet?

Understand that this whole Chiropractic Thing we do is strange…it is not the normal “go to the doctor when you hurt and don’t go otherwise”…it’s not about pain relief, it’s not about symptoms, it’s not about feeling better….IT IS about functioning better, healing completely, reversing their pathology and addressing the underlying cause to their health issues. But that takes work and time and effort….which means that YOU and the PATIENT must BOTH want improved health and wellness and to grow their children free of interference. So how do you get them to WANT what you offer…simple: you tell them the truth about their current health and where it is going.  You show them how their body is and is not functioning normally, you demonstrate how their body has broken down to ‘deal with’ an unrelenting thing called a subluxation.  AND, you do all this with logic, reason, certainty and simplicity…you get to be the doctor again, you remove the stress, you become the best doctor they have ever seen….because you deserve to do that and because they deserve to see the best. Patients will travel hours and miles to see the best, patients will pay to see the best, patients brag about seeing the best, patients will wait weeks (or months) to see the best.

Are you catching my drift….am I making sense and are you ready to claim your practice as yours again? Are you ready to say: my playground, my rules? I’m not saying this is easy to do, but I am saying this is the best way to do it. Be the doctor, doctor and you will see your practice explode with the RIGHT patients who WANT what you do, are happy to pay for care and will refer other patients like them. Are you ready? Then it’s time we talk!
Fill out my Practice Health Mini Check Up and I’ll take it from there, let’s do this and let’s change the health of your community!