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Let’s Get Re-Purposed!

By July 23, 2018Uncategorized
Let’s Get Re-Purposed!
Warm hellos to everyone!
I have written and spoken about this many times, but I feel it is time to re-visit it.You need to have a “knowingness” that we have the greatest gift on this planet.
You hold a sacred trust!  No one does what you do.
Oh, yeah…there are some physios and orthopods that manipulate, but no one can give a life saving adjustment.  No one but you!  How is that for being unique?

You really need to get this – you are the only one who does what you do!
Listen…I want you to think about this for a moment:
How do you measure the tears on a Mom’s face as she is thanking you for helping her child with Asthma?
How do you measure the heartfelt thanks of a couple who just found out they are going to have a baby because of your help?
How do you address the gratitude of a Dad whose Crohn’s disease is no more because you saved him from surgical experimentation?
How do you deal with the tears of joy from a young girl whose Scoliosis you’ve reversed?
How do you handle a high-five an 11 year-old boy gives you because he is no longer wetting his pants in class?
Or a Mom who is not dribbling in her underwear every time she takes a walk or coughs?
How do you evaluate the life on the face of an elderly patient who can now swing a golf club…or hold their grandchild with confidence.
And how do you deal with the love and gratitude of a couple who have not been able to make love – until now?
How do you deal with all that?

And you know what really pisses me off?  It’s the docs who want to be more like the medical-pharmaceutical system that is failing.  I deal with many doctors who want to be more “evidence-based.”
What is that exactly?
They feel more comfort being able to tell a patient that “research shows that Chiropractic can help with…”
What is that all about?  You want research to “prove” what you do?  You want to be OK with being a DC?  You want someone to make it ok for you to adjust?
Is that it?

Are you insane?  There is no proof that what we do works! None.  There are no peer-reviewed, triple-blinded studies published so that you can feel comfortable helping a child with Asthma, or Colitis, or Infertility, or Colic, or whatever!
Not even one!
Does that mean you shouldn’t do it?
There are many papers “proving” that chiropractic manipulation (whatever that is) is effective in helping people with back pain.   And while these people are manipulating, the rest of us are adjusting and turning on LIFE!

I have to tell you this: I saw a full page ad placed by the Canadian Chiropractic Association telling the public that Chiropractic can help the public with their back aches.  Augh.  Good thing I’m not in their circulation area.
And you wonder why you are having people misunderstand what you are all about?

Consider this: if everything had to be proven first, where would we be?
Did you know that the mechanics of Aspirin are still largely unknown today, yet 50 tons of it are sold daily?
How is that for “evidence?”
The burden of proof is a heavy one.  Some things are simply accepted because they work – plain and simple!  Chiropractic is one of these.  It is only a “theory.”  There are no “scientific” or “medically-accepted” studies proving that it actually works.  And the medical community is deathly afraid of any such study – it just might prove that they are far inferior and Neanderthal in their philosophy of Health and Wellness.

Look…I don’t think Harvey asked D. D. to prove to him that his new fangled procedure-done by hand, he was about to perform – was recognized by the scientific community…and was peer-reviewed.
And published.
He probably said: “Let’s try it.”
Was D. D. entirely confident that this new procedure would restore Harvey’s hearing?  I doubt it.
But…he did it anyway because he sensed the logic in his thinking and he had confidence that he was right!
Yes…The Body is a self-healing organism!  What a concept!
There was no burden of proof.

And so it is with what we do.
You need to get over it.  This is much bigger than you!  And you do not need proof.  Just do it.  Adjust and miraculously people will get better!
And without proof!
You need to have an absolute “knowingness” beyond a shadow of all doubt that every time you adjust, you are releasing the power of Innate that does the healing.
Every time!
You are saving a life.
End of story.
You need to be totally OK with that concept.  It is what we do!  And it is who we are.  And we do not need to dilute its power.  People do not cover vast distances, and pay our fee because we add vitamins or cookies or a free grill to each adjustment.
They see you because the sign on the front of your office says it all:

Warmest wishes,
Dr. Kristina, Chiropractic CoachThe Salt Lake City Program is filling up.  
I know you’ve been thinking about it – most doctors have.
They wonder how it works because there is no marketing, no selling, no fear tactics, no desperation, no being needy, and absolutely no BS.
And yet my PEP doctors have incredible practices and are sought after by their community.  The aim, you see, is to have you become the most amazing doctor your community has ever seen.  Ever.
And most people will schedule an appointment for their family at the end of their initial visit.  Incredible.  And that is the way it should be.
If you’ve had it up to your eyes with desperately trying to “get” new patients, are fed up with constant marketing, endless missed appointments, are disgusted with cheapening our profession with cheesy marketing ploys, then I invite you to complete the PracticeHealth Mini Check Up on my website.  We’ll have a wonderful chat on the phone and I’ll give you some amazing suggestions you can put in place immediately.