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122 years ago…

By September 19, 2017Uncategorized
122 years ago

Yesterday we had the honor of recognizing an event that changed history. Yesterday we had the honor of appreciating all that our forefathers and mothers went through to allow us to practice this Science, Philosophy and Art of Chiropractic.  I feel it is most fitting to continue that honor and appreciation.

The Founder, the Dreamer, the Visionary of Chiropractic is D.D. Palmer…what a legacy he created for us.

B.J is the developer of Chiropractic, he traveled the world, he taught, he lectured, he screamed from the rooftops about chiropractic.  B.J. created a radio station so he could share the message of health and vitality and innate with the world.

Mabel Palmer was the first female chiropractor, what a legacy she has left for us females to aspire to and emulate.  Our profession is approaching an even split of males and females, our schools are already there…the future of chiropractic will be molded and shaped by our collective voices and experiences…if we stay united and focused on our responsibility.

Fred Barge is one of our philosophical leaders and founders.  He taught by example and with passion and love for his students and his profession.

We have modern leaders and pioneers…this profession is still young and developing and growing and impacting lives.  We are still creating our legacy and our history.  We are part of this developing history, we have a responsibility to share the story, tell the truth, deliver the goods and to let innate run the show.

You HAVE in YOUR possession a SACRED TRUST. Guard it well.

What an honor, what a privilege and what a opportunity we have.  Get to work and appreciate the honor and sacrifice that has gone before us and be willing to serve, serve fully, serve with passion and conviction and certainty.

If you need any help reach out…I am here to serve you and help you be the best chiropractor for your community.  My next training is in November, I keep the enrollment low so we focus on you and your team, this is focused, intensive training at my practice, I focus on you becoming the best doctor your community deserves.

If you’re ready for a change and are committed to working hard to achieve that level of success by being the doctor you have always wanted to be, subluxation based, corrective based, developing a true family wellness practice because you get people well, then we need to talk!
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