In life few things are certain, but one thing in particular is absolutely clear: an ownership mentality is severely lacking in the chiropractic profession. School prepares us well for diagnostic competence but rarely prepares us to run a streamlined, wildly profitable, effective and principled chiropractic business that changes lives and makes an indelible mark on the community. This is where Dr Stitcher comes in. She has crafted a model built upon integrity and excellence that is so intuitive, so comprehensive that it makes failure almost impossible. To be fair, she demands a lot – more than any other coach I’ve ever worked with – but with those demands comes a much higher bar than exists anywhere else in our profession. I’ve had many mentors and coaches in my life and I can confidently say that Dr Stitcher is among my most valued. She and her team have led me from the brink of disaster to becoming the most profitable, most knowledgeable, most certain and most effective pediatric and family chiropractor in my community and beyond. PEP is a no brainer for those doctors who aren’t ok with being just mediocre. PEP doctors are raising the bar for the rest of the profession, making waves in their communities and leveraging their expertise into tangible clinical tools and operations that literally change the lives of every single patient they encounter, turning them into raving fans that can’t help but refer every family they know to your office. Most doctors go to coaches and gurus because they want the “next big thing;” discerning doctors come to Dr Stitcher because they want to be the best. Simple as that.  -Dr. Dan Bronstein

The practice evolution program is hands down the best mentoring program I’ve ever encountered. Dr. Kristina has phenomenal knowledge not only when it comes to chiropractic, but business. You’re not only getting a coach to help you start up and explode the practice of your dreams, you’re gaining a mentor with the hard things: overhead, mindset, money, value, I could go on and on. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to coach with Dr. Kristina! You will not regret it! -Dr. Nikki Ward

In 30 years of coaching, I FOUND MY COACH FOR LIFE….not about Stats, Money, Promotions…Just COACHING ME TO BE THE BEST DAMN DOCTOR I CAN BE…this has been a massive unwind from what I’m used to, but I love to sleep at night knowing this is my place in life…THANK YOU Kristina!  -Dr. Roger Romano

Dr. Kristina is a great Chiropractic coach and mentor. She finds out where you are in your career and business then challenges you to move in the right direction. I really prefer having a female coach with my kind of personality and she was a great fit for me. She is not always easy on you because growth is not always comfortable. She will inspire you to put into practice techniques and ground rules that have been shown to create success in your practice.

What I love most about Program Evolution Program (PEP) is its focus on bringing up the skill level, communication level, and business know-how level for the Chiropractors today. I felt like I was back in 1st Quarter at Chiropractic school when I first entered into this program which was thrilling and exciting with anticipation to help the masses of people in the world in a better and safer way without drugs and surgery. CHIROPRACTIC is amazing in itself and this program values the adjustment as a key way to remove subluxations, a segway for spinal degeneration to form. Spinal degeneration is one of the worst plagues in spinal and full body health in our society today. It can be reversed and you need to learn how this is possible for your patients. Seeing babies and children is a proactive way to stop this plague as well and this program will teach you how to see children and babies and be excellent at it.

It is very possible to be a principled Chiropractor, not take insurance, and have a growing thriving Chiropractic Business. It doesn’t matter if you live in Minnesota, Florida, Utah, California, or Canada it is possible fellow Chiropractors. Please seriously consider joining this program.  -Dr. Aaron Lyon, DC  Vacaville, CA